Printed Face Shields

We are an upcoming organization who are
3d printing face shields to provide personal
protective equipment.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to provide personal protective equipment who are in need of it. Due to shortages in availability of face shields many doctors, nurses, or even people who have jobs that are need of personal protective equipment do not have it. We are 3D printing face shields to help them acquire the necessary protection in order to feel safe during the pandemic.

How to Help


To produce PPE for healthcare officials we are dependent on donations, without them we cannot make a difference. To support us, we highly encourage you to donate in order to keep us running. Help make a difference!

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Do you have a 3d Printer?

Do you have a 3d printer that you are willing to use to help? You can help by printing face shields for hospitals. If you are interested, please fill out this form with the necessary information. Every time you donate 3d printed PPE, you are saving lives!

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We are requesting volunteers to help us put together the face shields and donate them to hospitals. Volunteer to make a difference!

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Pre-order PPE

Here are a few options for you to buy, and remember that when you buy these face shields, you are donating money, which helps us produce more face shields.

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Significance of PPE

Benefits of a face shield that masks lack in:

Doctors and nurses have to treat countless COVID patients everyday. However, a few of them feel unsafe without sufficient Personal Protective Equipment, and nearly half of them acquire COVID themselves because they do not have enough PPE to protect them. A sector of PPE that is facing a large shortage is faceshields. Around 1 million face shields are produced each week, but the U.S. healthcare system currently needs up to 10 million per week. Only 1 out of 10 healthcare workers are able to receive the PPE that they deserve. If we can provide more face shields for these workers we can help prevent these healthcare workers from obtaining the covid from their patients.

Regular masks protect the nose and mouth, but don’t protect other areas of the face like the eyes, which is also a gateway for the coronavirus. Additionally, countless people wear masks incorrectly, with the mask not covering their nose. Face Shields are basically impossible to be worn incorrectly since they occupy the whole face. Finally face shields even allow face masks to be used longer, so you do not have to constantly replace your facemasks.